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Can you find the name of the Country in each of these sentences?

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Aren't Danish Kronor way too permenant?
Why didn't Charpines eat the turkey at christmas?
I really love that Romanesque arch Osney.
Consiously, the Seljuk Turk men is tanning, rest assured.
There's an incubator attacking the general inside!
Much I learn goes walking away to Babylon.
A hug and a kiss would not go amiss.
The data I wandered around with, interfered with frog soup.
Now Peter has a terrible aroma living in Finchley.
All of a sudden, marksmen irrationally got me.
Is the decibel a ruse for a communist invasion?
That's too much addition for my Spanish waiter.
The next train is to Bishop's Mudflat via Turnip lane.
You didn't have to go home Freddie.
Then I ran to collect Anna's testimony.
Goodbye mental private Rango, I'll miss you.
Me, a rebel, I zealously conteract this proposal.
What can a dalmation give to a rose bush?
At Easter, I gave the manager many blessings.
I would love that ring in diamond colour.

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