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Can you name the characters who suffered these deaths in a Song of Ice and Fire?

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Forced Order
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Stabbed through the heart by a sworn bannerman
Jumped from a window to her death
A quick death via a friends dagger, having been mortally wounded
Throat Slit by Catelyn Stark
Poisened at his own wedding
Killed by a shadow throwing him from a tower
Shot with a crossbow on the privy
Fell down a well to an early death as prophesised
'Crowned' with molten gold
Beheaded after confessing to treason
Crushed by a giant, but not before also killing said giant too
Head caved in
Raped and murdered during the sack of King's Landing
Killed when attacked by Ser Amory Lorch
Killed by Polliver for being unable to walk
Brestplate caved in by a blow from a Warhammer
Allegedly fell off a bridge during a storm
Killed by a mob attempting to rescue the high septon
Killed in an alleyway for oathbreaking and robbed of his boots
Throat slit at brother's wedding
Killed by his own dog
Dies suspiciously of a bad belly having just met his bastard brother
Strangled with a chain
Killed by Gendry with a spear in the neck
Poisened by his own wife, on behalf of her lover
Cut down by a long axe wielding foe
Killed by the reanimated corpse of a former brother
Killed in single combat having had his horse killed with a lance
Beheaded for deserting the Night's Watch
Killed by Dornish assassins aged 18, having just conquered the region
Hanged by outlaws trying to ransom a relative
Eventually dies bringing another back to life
Beheaded for refusing to follow an order
Killed by an enraged Loras Tyrell having just allowed Brienne to escape
Killed by a shadow of his brother
Burned to a crisp by Rhaegal
Burned as an offering to ensure favourable winds
Pushed through the moon door by her husband
Smothered with a pillow by his wife
Thrown into a river by the squire of his would be victim

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