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Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, where every thing's made up and the points don't matter!
Shut your mouth, or ill put my foot in your throat.
This just in: Beverly Hills 90210, Cleveland Browns 3
Did you know at first Drew Carey turned DOWN the role of Geppetto ?
You notice why the floor is so clean? It's because you all SUCK!
Excuse me I've tapped into your cable. Would you mind changing it to channel 8?
You looking at my hog? Don't Look at my hog or my motorcycle
The Police say they now have proof....The Who let the dogs out
Every single one of us will defend the Alamo!! (looks around) What the hell!!??
Frankly, I don't give a spam
QuoteCast Member
My turn-ons are humanity, integrity, and TV
Only 2 good things have come from Ohio, Stadium Mustard and Drew Carey
How come i gotta do the African Chant?!
As we know, Africa's a big country
(response to above) Its also a big CONTINENT if your a geographer
That was the circus, they want their shoes back
The Reindeer in Spain was hit mainly by the plane
I'm Mike Tyson for Encyclopedia Brittanica!

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