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What rare guitar is owned (and played occasionally) by Alex Turner
Who was the original singer for the band?
Where was the first Monkeys gig played?
What suburb of Sheffield,England is the band from?
The band won 3 NME music awards in 2006. Name one of the two bands that have achieved this feat
What band was Nick O'Malley formerly from?
What song did Glyn Jones supposedly sing on?
What is the band's lowest charting single in the UK?
During the Humbug tour, the band played 2 dates in Japan. Name on of the venues they played at.
What brand of shoes does drummer Matt Helders call 'The Worst Shoes in all of England'?
What were the first demos the band sent to to the recording company called by the fans?
What is their newest album (which will be released on June 6th) titled?
What member of the band wrote the lyrics to 'Still take you Home'?
How many awards (in total) has the band won?
What song was nominated for best rock instrumental performance at the 2007 grammy awards?
Name one of the two songs that charted in US
What music video director, who also directed all of the songs on The Strokes 'Is this it', directed the video for Teddy Picker?
Who plays keyboards for the band during tours? (from 2009-2010)

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