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First to South America
Lasted until 1923
Owned the Philippines After Spanish Succession War
Owned Panama after 1850's
Surrounded Paris in WWII
Have most of Africa
Was controlled by many European Empires at one point
Isolationist until 1853
Greatly Expanded after 1917
Horse + Archers
Roads + Twelve Tablets
Owned half of the Supercontinent of America
Somalia + Libya are its only colonies
Greenland + Faroe Islands
Dual Monarchy in WWI
Owned Iceland
Eastern Roman Empire
Declared Empire in 1822
Muslim India
Buddhist and Hindu India
Followed the Nile River
A City in Greece
Ashoka The Great
Alexander The Great
Comparable to Rome in Middle East
First Persian Empire
Rivaled Rome in Persia
Mediterranean Empire from Africa
Nor Holy, Nor Roman
Crusaders Settled In Constantinople
Colonized in the Congo area
Colonized Indonesia
Followed Inti the Religion
Chicen Itza + Maize
King of the North
Asen + Asparukh
Dusan the Mighty
East Asian Peninsula
Tigranes the Great
Neo-Persian Empire
Rise of Islam
Island Empire in the Mediterranean Sea

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