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Can you name the kingdoms in Europe's Age of Exploration?

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DescriptionKingdomModern Country(ie-s)
Nordic Seven Years' War (1563-1570), Dissolution of Kalmar Union (1523)Norway, Denmark
Livonian War (1558-1582), Nordic 7 Years' war (1563-1570), Dissolution of Kalmar Union (1523), Polish-Swedish War (1625-1629) Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden
Ireland (1536), Wales (1535), First Civil War (1642), 80 Year's War (1568), Conflict With Spain (1588) Ireland, Wales, England, 13 Colonies, India, Newfoundland, Caribbean
Attempts to colonize Central America (Failed)Scotland
Dutch War of Independence V.S. Spain (1568), Colonial Empire (1614), Invasions of Portuguese Colonies (1619-1663) Netherlands, Suriname, New Amsterdam, Virgin Islands
Brittany Gained (1532),Claims Canada (1534),80 Years' War (1568), Colonizes Guiana (1624) France, Canada, Florida, French Guiana
Absorbs Kingdom of Navarre (1513),Austria-Spain Connection (1519), Mediterranean Sea (1571)Sicily, Sardinia, Spain, Southern Italy, Northern Italy, Belgium
Strait of Magellan (1520), Brazil (1530), Spanish Rule (1580-1640)Portugal
No InformationSwitzerland
Frees itself from Ottoman Control (1509), Loses Cyprus to Ottoman Empire (1571)Northeast Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Crete
DescriptionKingdomModern Country(ie-s)
Ivan IV (1547), Livonian War (1558-1582), Siberia (1598), Romanov Dynasty (1613)Ukraine, Belarus, Russia
Eastern Prussia (1525), Latvia Gained (1583) Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia
Austria-Spain Connection (1519), Croatia (1593), Lost in 30 Years' War (1618-1648) Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary
Hungary Conquered (1521),Former Mongol States Conquered (1526), Moldova (1538), Transylvania (1599)North Africa, Turkey, Balkan States, Romania, Ukraine, Yugoslavia
Became Completely Independent From Foreign Rule, Forming Into An Independent Republic North Central Italy
French Control (1499), Independence (1528)North Central Italy
French Control (>1553) Independence (1553)Northwest Italy
Still Ruled By The PopeCentral Italy
Duchy of Prussia (1618), Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic

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