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QUIZ: Can you name the five-letter words where the first and third letters are the same?

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ClueAnswerLetter Pattern
Famous mission in San AntonioA_A__
The world's best-selling bookB_B__
Drink that might include marshmallowsC_C__
Maker of the Dart and the DurangoD_D__
Person who's no friendE_E__
Minimum age of an AARP memberF_F__
Famously awful movie with Ben Affleck and J.LoG_G__
Nothing special, just dull (hyph.)H_H__
Kind of whiskey or stewI_I__
Magic amulets in West African religionsJ_J__
Friend of Fran and Ollie on 1950s TVK_K__
New Hampshire's state flowerL_L__
Children often get vaccinated for itM_M__
ClueAnswerLetter Pattern
Mary Poppins was oneN_N__
Layer with a hole in itO_O__
It beats rock, in a gameP_P__
Screen name of the person who wrote this quizQ_Q__
Second showing of a showR_R__
Oscar winner SarandonS_S__
Give 10% to the churchT_T__
Loan shark's crimeU_U__
Very bright, like some colorsV_V__
Really impressedW_W__
Horizontal line on a graph (hyph.)X_X__
Toys made by Duncan (hyph.)Y_Y__
Snore's sound, in comic stripsZ_Z__

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