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What English word has such foreign equivalents as da, ja, oui, and hai?
What band had a #1 hit with the song ''Owner of a Lonely Heart''?
What word did Nancy Reagan encourage people to ''just say'' in the 1980s?
What is an alternate spelling for one of the main forms of Japanese theater?
Which word appears in the upper-left corner of most Ouija boards?
What word precedes ''We Have No Bananas'' in a hit song of the 1920s?
What is the last name of the James Bond villain whose first name is Julius?
What is the shortest answer on an official Magic 8-Ball?
What is the chemical symbol for element #102?
According to Stanford studies, of ''yes'' and ''no'', which is typically among a newborn's first ten spoken words?
In Greece, Turkey, and Iran, what does nodding your head once indicate?
What word can precede ''Minister'' and ''Dear'' in the titles of sitcoms?
What was the first word in Barack Obama's 2008 campaign slogan?
What word, if you put a period after it, can be an abbreviation that means the same thing as #?
What nonprofit magazine has the slogan ''Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions''?
What word can finish the last line of ''Ulysses'': ''___ I said ___ I will ___''?
What is the English translation of the only word spoken in the 1976 film ''Silent Movie''?
What word is Marv Albert's most famous catchphrase?
What is the country code for the nation whose capital is Oslo?
What word is suggested by the symbol 🚫?

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