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Can you name the four-letter words in this versified word ladder?

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What's a clue to this word I could tell? Oh,
It's a popular flavor of Jell-O!
For some pies, it is ''key'';
It's got vitamin C;
And its color is green—no, not yellow.
It's a place where you might find a star
Enjoying his own private bar.
It's no ''stretch'' to say
That's a comfortable way
To enjoy the backseat of a car.
She and sis Nani aren't rich,
But they bring home a scraggly ''dog'', which
Turns out to be
From afar, like E.T.,
And she gives it the moniker ''Stitch''.
If you hate tall structures, then this'll
Be likely to cause you to bristle:
It's a place to store grain
On a farm or a plain;
It could also be used for a missile.
In a concert, it's often a long
Guitar or drum part of a song.
But if you might think
You could take a big drink
From this red plastic cup, you're not wrong.
It's an adjective that you could clue
With ''unique'' or ''exclusive'', it's true.
Or, if you wish,
It's a famed Dover fish,
Or the bottommost part of a shoe.
You should know, if you play D&D,
The ''R'' in the term ''RPG''.
But outside of a game,
It's a character name
You'd find listed on IMDb.
The start of this verse is a tad
Pointless, with nothing to add.
Are you vexed? Are you nettled?
Even somewhat unsettled?
That's good, since your clue is ''make mad''.
Though wheat's at the absolute top,
This food is the next biggest crop.
It's in etouffee
And sushi, and hey,
Even cereals (snap, crackle, pop!).
It's the first name of rhythm and blues
Singer James. Or of Astley—you choose.
Or if, just for fun,
It's placed after Rung 1,
It becomes what you see in these clues.

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