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Can you name the songs by the Triffids whose lyrics contain the word 'chicken'?

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Yellow hood of her car, salt knots in her hair,
Got some cards and some chicken and beer
And the children kept singing, 'Here he comes, the killer again.
Here he comes, the chicken killer again.'
Farmers have chickens, pigs, cows and hens.
They keep them in cages, paddocks and pens.
The berries are black and ripe and ready for picking;
The chicken is dead, but it's still kicking.
Don't ask me no 'How does it go,'
For it goes as fast as a chicken with no head.
It was written all over your face now, Junior.
You wanted chicken and turkey,
Then that, then this.
I don't need no Eyewitness News, no Seven Eleven
No Southern Fried Chicken, no Man from Prudential

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