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QUIZ: Can you name the Sources of Liquid Effluents v.2?

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Name 2 sources of wastewaters.(use 'and' betwwen them)
Which pollutant does most likely appear in urban wastewaters of domestic or commercial usage and/or storm runoff? (name the pollutant or its origin)
Name two of the pollutants that result from farming and agriculture.(use 'and' betwwen them)
Name a source the organic and inorganic fraction of road-produced pollutants
Name the categories that The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has grouped the pollutants from industry.
Name a process of steel industry tar is being introduced to the wastewater.
Name one source of industrial wstewaters.
Name a source of potentiall toxic elements entering wastewater collecting systems from domestic sources.(use the word 'from' to initiate you answer)

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