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Which wastewater pollutants may be considered beneficial for irrigation?
Which wastewater pollutant is prohibited when water is used for irrigation?
Which disease may arise from helminth pollution?
The reuse of wastewater for irrigation can increase the crop yield of corn by how much?
How do organic matter pollutants benefit agricultural soil?
Which treatment method was first suggested for removing helminth eggs?
Why was this treatment not suitable in this case?
QuestionsAnswersOther Correct Answers
Which chemical coagulant had a helminth removal efficiency of 99%?
Why was lime discarded as a chemical treatment method?
Name the advanced primary treatment that was considered best for the reused wastewater?
Which treatment process was the most expensive ($) per m3?
Legislation allows what concentration of helminth eggs in wastewater for restricted agricultural use?
Which heavy metal is most restricted by legislation?
Why have nitrogen levels in the soil not increased similar to phosphorus?

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