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Can you name the aspects of Roman History listed in Chris Scarre's 'Penguin Historic Atlas of Ancient Rome' (pg 15-17?

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Rome controlled the Italian peninsula through _______;-
The next war that Rome fought was against the ______Based around modern-day Tunisia
This was for the whole ______ and ______ mediterraneanAreas of the Mediterranean
Rome's advantage lay in its enourmous reserves of _______-
Carthage held the upper hand in ______ battle-
First ______ War fought in 264-241 BCFrom the Greek 'poinikos', meaning 'people of the purple cloth'
This was fought over control of _______Has the cities of Messana and Mt. Etna on it
Name a Greek City on Sicily-
Sicily beame Rome's first _________ possession-
Second Punic War began inInvaded Italy Itself
Carthaginians lead by ________Son of another Carthaginian commander, Hamilcar
Name a 'crushing' Carthaginian victory in the 2nd Punic WarDespite these victories, the Carthaginians could not defeat Rome
Rome responded by invading _______-
Hannibal defeated by _________in 202 BC
HintAnswerExtra Information
Hannibal defeated at the battle of _________in 202 BC
After Punic War, Rome became involved in wars in ________-
Renewed efforts to expand into ________AKA: 'Gaul-this-side-of-the-Alps'
The greatest fighting was in the __ century BCIn the Balkans
Rome declared war against _______, king of Macedonia-
Defeated Macedonians at _________Greek: 'Dog's heads', in 196 BC
25 years later they were fighting against another Macedonian, ________Shares a name with a mythical hero
Romans conquered Carthage in the __________war-
In 133 BC, last king of ________ gave Rome all his territory-
After these conquests, a valuable resource began flowing into RomeOften were prisoners of war
They began to take over ____________ operations in large, state-run estatesForced to work on 'latifundia'
Tensions between the rich and poor escalated in the _____ century BC-
___________ began to rise and challenge the Republican constitutionex: Marius, Sulla, Julius Caesar

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