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Can you name the aspects of Roman History by Chris Scarre in pg 28-31?

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Generals who built up power pushed the ______ ....-
... towards a _____-
First of these generalsReformed the Roman army
Marius conquered this king of Numidia-
Marius also repelled the invasion of the ____ and _____-
Marius was replaced by ___ as the leading generalDistinguished in the Social War
The Social war began in ___ ...-
... and ended in ___.-
The social war was waged by the Italians to win ____-
In 86 BC, Sulla moved to defend Rome from this king of Pontus-
Sulla abdicates his dictatorship in this yearAfter quelling political opposition with purges
This 'Great' general followed Sulla-
He quelled the rebellion of this general in Spain-
He also flushed the ___ from Cilicia67 BC
Final battle/defeat of the king of Pontus66 BC
This important politician was assassinated under Pompey's statue-
Julius Caesar wrote this book about his conquests-
Julius Caesar was appointed governor of this areaModern southern France and northern Italy
True or False: the Gallic people were very uncivilized-
Warlord of the rebelling Gauls-
City where the Gauls made their last standThe rebellion began in 52 BC
Vercingetorix was killed in this manner-
Caesar was also the first Roman into this areaModern-day UK
Number of celebrated forays Caesar made into Britannia-

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