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Can you name the aspects of Roman History by Chris Scarre in pg 24-27?

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People that Rome came into conflict with after expansion-
Major enemies of the Carthaginians in Sicily-
Carthage spanned from Southern _____ ...-
... and Western _____.....-
... to North _____-
Italian merchants from this city called for help from CarthageThis started First Punic War
First Punic War begins in ...-
Carthage had a stronger _____ than the RomansRomans had a stronger army; this relationship was much like Britain vs France
Failed invasion of _____ by Romans-
Romans win a final sea victory this battle241 BC
Second Punic War begins in....-
2nd Punic War started by Carthaginian commander ________-
Hannibal marched hs army from ______ ....-
... across the ____....-
Hannibal crushed the Romans at Lake ______217 BC
... and near the town of _____216 BC
Hannibal campaigned for ____ years in Italy-
True or False: Hannibal could not conquer Rome-
True or False: The Romans counterattacked Africa in 203 BCThe reason Hannibal retreated to Carthage
Hannibal was defeated by this Roman...-
... at the battle of ____ ....-
... in ___ BC.A palindrome year!
Carthage was founded by traders from this countryLocated in modern day Lebanon
Hellenistic states in Asia were carved out by this rulerAt the end of the 4th Century BC
Alexander the Great's empire was split into how many kingdoms?-
Seleucid kings ruled an empire from ___ to ____'From A to A'
Macedonian king who made an alliance with HannibalIn the Second Punic War
The Romans defeated the Macedonian phalanx at 197 BC
Rome's first territory beyond the AegeanBequeathed to Rome under the last will of it's king
Macedonian king who was defeated at the battle of Pydna168 BC, shares a name with a mythical figure
Roman province added in 146 BCAfter the destruction of Corinth
Province created to stamp out piracy101 BC
Roman general who sacked the temple of Apollo at Delphi-

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