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Can you name the four-letter words in this Olenna Tyrell quote-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
šŸŒ¹ As an authority on myself, I ____ disagree. šŸŒ¹
An intense or unbridled desire
For fear that; with the intention to avoid the risk of
šŸŒ¹ Iā€™m much ____ boring than these others. šŸŒ¹
The clear part of a pair of glasses
šŸŒ¹ It's so good of you to visit me and my foolish flock of ____. šŸŒ¹
Not his but ____
šŸŒ¹ Are you ____ to seduce me? Oh, no, please seduce away. šŸŒ¹
He lost a race to the tortoise
šŸŒ¹ You don't think I'd ____ let you marry that beast, do you? šŸŒ¹
A large, overnight dance party
šŸŒ¹ It's a ____ enough thing - a man who lives up to his reputation. šŸŒ¹
Homophone for 'tear' - tear meaning to rip
šŸŒ¹ Would you _____ a bit of advice from an old woman? šŸŒ¹
____ yourself at home
A man or boy
šŸŒ¹ Spare me the homilies. I can smell a fraud from a ____ away. šŸŒ¹
Clue4-Letter Word
To make agitated and angry
šŸŒ¹ She's a disease. I regret my ____ in spreading it. You will too. šŸŒ¹
A spy who infiltrates an organization
šŸŒ¹ I always take figs mid-afternoon. Helps ____ the bowels. šŸŒ¹
šŸŒ¹ You ____ her. You really do ____ her. You poor fool. šŸŒ¹
Not win but ____
šŸŒ¹ You've ____, Cersei. It's the only joy I can find in all this misery. šŸŒ¹
To steal goods during a war or riot
šŸŒ¹ Get some rest, Dear. You ____ appalling. šŸŒ¹
To make a hotel or flight reservation in advance
A strong dark beer usually sold in early spring
šŸŒ¹ Marrying a Targaryen was all the rage ____ then. šŸŒ¹
A short, sharp broad-headed nail
Sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues
šŸŒ¹ Well, if it isn't the famous ____, Queen Cersei. šŸŒ¹
Found on a witch's nose
šŸŒ¹ Tell Cersei. I ____ her to know it was me. šŸŒ¹

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