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Can you name the four-letter words in this Lord Varys quote-themed word ladder?

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4-Letter WordClue
🕷️ I wasn't ____ into a great house. I came from nothing. 🕷️
Dawn, daybreak, sunup
🕷️ She knows a tame wolf is ____ use to her than a dead one. 🕷️
Traditional knowledge or belief
🕷️ No rumor, my ____. The princess is with child. 🕷️
Books are full of them
A division of a hospital or prison
🕷️ I believe men of talent have a part to play in the ____ to come. 🕷️
Turns pale and sickly, suggestive of poor health
🕷️ I ____ you to serve the realm! 🕷️
Conjunction meaning 'unable to'
🕷️ A very small man can ____ a very large shadow. 🕷️
🕷️ The first to arrive and the ____ to leave. I admire your industry. 🕷️
A number of connected items or names written consecutively
The hand clenched with the fingers doubled into the palm
🕷️ The big ____ eat the little ____ and I keep on paddling. 🕷️
🕷️ You ____ to know where my true loyalties lie? 🕷️
4-Letter WordClue
Knowledgeable, learned, sage
A beguiling or playful trick meant to ensnare or deceive
🕷️ Should the gods grant Daenerys a son, the realm ____ bleed. 🕷️
What fish breathe through
🕷️ I'm afraid those birds have flown. The ____ is likely dead already.🕷️
To make fast or secure, prepare for action
🕷️ My little ____s are everywhere. Even in the North. 🕷️
To confine, restrain, or restrict; tie up
🕷️ You need to ____ a way to make her listen. 🕷️
A sum imposed as punishment for an offense
A trigonometric function
🕷️ North or South, they ____ no songs for spiders. 🕷️
🕷️This morning I heard a ___ from Qarth. Daenerys Targaryen lives.🕷️
🕷️ Hello, my old friend. It's been a ____ time. 🕷️
Having no company, isolated
To make more acute, intense or effective
🕷️ I ____ I deserve this. Truly, I do. I ____ I'm wrong. 🕷️

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