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Can you name the reduplicated** response for each letter of the alphabet (besides Q and X)?

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EXAMPLES: Choo-Choo (Child's name for a train); Dilly Dally (To waste time or procrastinate); Powwow (Native American ceremony).
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ClueReduplicated WordLetter
Sailor's response: ''_____, Captain!'A
Child's injuryB
North African semolinaC
Flightless bird that went extinct in the 1600sD
Tied, as a scoreE
A trick or deceptionF
Leslie Caron's title role (1958 movie)G
Jumble; collection; potpourriH
Describes a spider or yellow polka-dot bikiniI
Rapid and nonsensical chatterJ
Large African antelope, or a type of lilyK
Very affectionate, possibly excessivelyL
ClueReduplicated WordLetter
Long, bright dress worn by Hawaiian womenM
Imaginary or ideal, as Peter Pan's landN
Americanism for ''OK''O
Table tennisP
Rabble; Hoi polloiR
New York state prisonS
Ballet attireT
Type of dollV
Toy with which you can walk the dogY
Sister to Eva and Magda GaborZ

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