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Can you name whether the year listed for each person was their year of birth or death?

Quiz Updated Jan 7, 2016

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Person: YearB or D?
Mata Hari: 1917
Benjamin Franklin: 1706
Marie Antoinette: 1755
Leonardo da Vinci: 1452
Ivan Pavlov: 1849
Leonardo Fibonacci: c. 1170
Saint Francis of Assisi: c. 1181
Joan of Arc: 1431
Mahatma Gandhi: 1869
Attila the Hun: 453
Person: YearB or D?
Peter the Great: 1725
Constantine the Great: 337
William the Conqueror: c. 1028
Cleopatra: c. 30 BCE
Napoleon Bonaparte: 1769
Henry VIII of England: 1491
Eva Perón: 1919
Marco Polo: 1324
Juan Ponce de León: 1521
Archimedes: c. 212 BCE
Person: YearB or D?
Johann Sebastian Bach: 1685
Amerigo Vespucci: c. 1460
Kublai Khan: c. 1294
Charlemagne: 814
Aristotle: c. 322 BCE
Ludwig van Beethoven: 1827
Christopher Columbus: 1451
Archduke Franz Ferdinand: 1863
William Shakespeare: 1616
Sir Isaac Newton: 1727

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