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Can you name the 4-letter rungs in this word ladder, where highlighted rungs can precede 'box'?

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Clue4-Letter Rung
_____ Box: Webpage input location
Midterm or final, e.g.
For fear that
Ultimate or final
Playbill listing
_____ Box: Lockable money container
Prepare potatoes
Dogsled command
Artist's inspiration
_____ Box: Where to go when the lights go out
Do a slow burn
Woman, to a lawyer
Elaborate party
Neural blood network
Philosopher Descartes
Tear apart
Clue4-Letter Rung
Avenue or highway
Wander about
Hotel offering
_____ Box: Shouldered stereo
Italy's shape
Door fastener
Tree trunk
Fishing gear
Jab playfully
_____ Box: Classic diner feature
Summer solstice month
Tarzan's love
Of sound mind
_____ Box: Kiddie playground area

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