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Clue7-Letter Rung
Square eaten on an upset stomach: _____ [Last Rung]
Preserving, as pork
Hesitating, especially in speech
Sharing equally among two people
The splintering off of a glacier
Strong impulse or inclination
Sending a message by telegraph
Putting aside temporarily
Indenting, on a keyboard
Poking with the point of a stick
Moving up and down, like Halloween apples
Thread reels
Blue-footed birds
Adolescents of the 1960s
More resonant
More spacious
Soil that is harder to plow, perhaps
Clue7-Letter Rung
More blackened
Pacifier or lozenge, for example
Cover thickly or overwhelm
Fragment or small bit (often pluralized)
Move like a snake
Lay it on thick
Worker who moves slabs of soap
Break, as glass or a record
Noise made by the teeth when cold
Recited monotonously
Sounded like metal striking metal
Held onto tightly
Sounded like toasting glasses
Selected using a mouse
Remote control
The mouth, in slang
Square eaten on an upset stomach: [First Rung] _____

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