Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: New York Landmarks

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Can you name the 5-letter words in this word ladder that tours New York?

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Clue5-Letter Rung
• • •_____ Square • • •
Burger topping
Hunter constellation
Disease-causing protein
Previous; former
Not as wet
Uses a towel
Faucet problems
Holds tightly
Smiles broadly
Coffee selection
• • • _____ Central Station • • •
Pituitary or thyroid, e.g.
Lacking flavor
Roulette color
Not taut
Pancake order
Bare or barren
• • • Empire _____ Building • • •
Clue5-Letter Rung
Ballpark figs.
Benches and chairs
Parts of an udder
Campsite shelters
Window treatments
Pitchfork prongs
• • • _____ Square • • •
Large books
Shows up
Pine tree products
• • • _____ Island • • •
Tea additive
Like Swiss cheese
Christmas plant
Lack of good sense
Cheat or deceive
One of the Three Stooges
Indian spice
Like stuffed animals
• • • Staten Island _____ • • •
Clue5-Letter Rung
Join in wedlock
McFly of ''Back to the Future''
Shopping centers
Stable mothers
Airline prices
Shoots a gun
Kiln operator
One who is sick
More competent or qualified
Small freshwater fish
Plastic shoelace tip
Awry, to Burns
Bowling lane
Director Woody
TV's DeGeneres
Like Legolas in ''Lord of the Rings''
Sondra's husband on ''The Cosby Show''
''Hound Dog'' singer
• • • _____ Island • • •

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