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Can you name the rungs in this idiomatic 4-letter word ladder?

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Idiom4-Letter WordLiteral Meaning
_____ down one's throatStrongly criticize or disagree
_____ ironLift weights
Beat to a _____ Hit until seriously injured
_____ one's weightDo one's share
The _____ MontySomething in its entirety
_____ on deaf earsBe ignored or disregarded
Behind the eight _____ In a precarious or losing situation
Saved by the _____ Saved by timely intervention
Tighten one's _____ Spend less; be more frugal
Man's _____ friendA dog
Go _____ redTurn red in the face, from embarrassment
All _____ and skittlesFun, easy, and pleasant
_____ in the headlightsFrightened such that one cannot move
Idiom4-Letter WordLiteral Meaning
Beauty is only skin _____Appearance may not reflect quality
_____ an eye onWatch carefully
Peachy _____Fine; excellent
You ain't _____ nothing yetThe best part is yet to come
Go to _____Become worn out/deteriorated
_____ chills down one's spineMake someone feel frightened
Bury one's head in the _____Ignore obvious signs of danger
Strike up the _____Cause something to start
Break the _____Use up all of one's money
_____ seat driverPerson who criticizes from the sidelines
Pass the _____Put blame elsewhere
Sitting _____Someone vulnerable to an attack
Slam _____Easy feat or accomplishment

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