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Can you name the 5-letter rungs in this word ladder?

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Clue5-Letter Rung
Barbecue need
Carpentry tool
In a sardonic way
Every 24 hours
Supermarket section
Dangerous, as a situation
What quibblers split
Aspirin targets
Results of bull markets
Smiles broadly
Prepare, as coffee beans
Fit for a king
Cattle identifier
Hair style
Scarecrow's lack
Muscular strength
Fry a bit
Squandered, as a lead
Clue5-Letter Rung
Puts out the candles
Puts on the brakes
Vegas attraction
Strips of wood
List of candidates
Pitcher's target
Tranquility's partner
Fuzzy fruit
One way to cook eggs or salmon
Team leader
Work together
Cook using the oven
Farm structure
Push upward
Explosive sound
Fragment of rock
Clue5-Letter Rung
Social rank
Cats' defenses
Picnic side dishes
Lots and lots
Gushes forth
Dust particle
Put into words
Asparagus unit
Cross one's heart
Cook, as chopped vegetables
Pleasing to the taste
Clean the floor
Prepare, as tea
Sword metal
Cook with water vapor

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