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Can you name the 5-letter rungs in this word ladder/anagram hybrid game? See instructions in 'How to Play' below.

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How to Play
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Clue5-Letter RungFrom This Word to the Next
Minimal amountAnagram
List of candidatesWord Ladder
Underground Railroad passengerAnagram
Meat-yielding calvesWord Ladder
Negotiation resultsAnagram
Takes chargeWord Ladder
Enjoys a bookAnagram
Has the gumptionWord Ladder
Pub gameAnagram
Mild expletiveWord Ladder
Pulls along the groundAnagram
AlumniWord Ladder
Snatches awayAnagram
Talks boastfullyWord Ladder
Grain husksAnagram
Farm structuresWord Ladder
Makes, as incomeAnagram
More rationalWord Ladder
Less riskyAnagram
PhobiasWord Ladder
Calendar unitsAnagram
State in a new wayWord Ladder
Baton-passing raceAnagram
Wedding cake sectionWord Ladder
Clue5-Letter RungFrom This Word to the Next
At a future timeAnagram
Make changes toWord Ladder
Autumn flowerAnagram
OgleWord Ladder
Vampire's undoingAnagram
Chophouse entréeWord Ladder
Kettle emissionAnagram
Husbands and wivesWord Ladder
Defeated at chessAnagram
Not wildWord Ladder
No longer anonymousAnagram
ReviseWord Ladder
Prayer endingsAnagram
Stands forWord Ladder
Breakfast, lunch, and dinnerAnagram
Fathers and sonsWord Ladder
Cotton or hay bundlesAnagram
Jet-black, very darkWord Ladder
Dining room pieceAnagram
Sheep's cryWord Ladder
Made holyAnagram
Alternatives to suspendersWord Ladder
BarbarianWord Ladder

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