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Can you name the 4-letter rungs in this word ladder/anagram hybrid game? See instructions in 'How to Play' below.

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How to Play
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Clue4-Letter RungFrom This Word to the Next
Captain's first aideWord Ladder
Lion's locksAnagram
Just plain nasty, or just plain averageWord Ladder
Like Jack Sprat's dietAnagram
EnthusiasmWord Ladder
''_____ Almighty,'' 2007 movieAnagram
Wind indicatorWord Ladder
An urnAnagram
Word processor commandWord Ladder
''_____ of the Century,'' game showAnagram
Pub ordersWord Ladder
European peaksAnagram
High-five soundWord Ladder
Overcome frictionAnagram
They may be sealedWord Ladder
They ''don't lie''Anagram
Send outWord Ladder
''Little _____ of Horrors,''
Broadway musical
Clue4-Letter RungFrom This Word to the Next
One of the Spice GirlsWord Ladder
Hitching placeAnagram
Dick and Jane's dogWord Ladder
Vending machine's openingAnagram
In need of a GPS, perhapsWord Ladder
How much to payAnagram
Trig ratios (abbr.)Word Ladder
Andrew Lloyd Webber musicalAnagram
SkedaddleWord Ladder
Word to follow PRICE or BRAINAnagram
Some soda containersWord Ladder
Candy shapeAnagram
Face defacerWord Ladder
Thomas _____,
''Rule, Britannia!'' composer
ApproachWord Ladder
Rip apartAnagram
Scale buttonWord Ladder
Housebroken, as a petAnagram

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