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QUIZ: Can you name the 7-letter rungs in this word ladder?

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Clue7-Letter Rung
Common crustacean from Maine
Gang member, such as Tony Soprano
More humid; having more saturation
To act in a swaggering, uproarious, and noisy manner
Barnyard denizen commonly found on weather vanes
Rocket engine that provides thrust during takeoff
Braggart or bigmouth
''Star Wars'' weapon
Gypsum mixture used to patch walls
Large, shallow, often elliptical serving dish
Consisting of flakier layers, as igneous rock
Clue7-Letter Rung
Richer in partially decomposed soil
More annoying
Paler or more unhealthy in appearance
Person who regularly attends social gatherings
Explorer Jacques who discovered the St. Lawrence
Pigeon trained to transfer messages
Breed of hound used in hunting
Tougher; more robust
Less punctual
Arboreal, nocturnal primate of the Philippines and Indonesia

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