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Can you identify whether each notable person's forename is a variant of the name Edward (E) or the name Jacob (J)?

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Notable Person's Claim to FameE or J?
'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' playwright
Captain of the RMS Titanic
Voice of Mushu (Mulan) and Donkey (Shrek)
Children's stories writer, with brother Wilhelm
Undersea explorer who invented the Aqua-Lung
'Married...with Children' and 'Modern Family' patriarch
First explorer to map the Gulf of Saint Lawrence
Composer of 'La Bohème' and 'Madama Butterfly'
Oscar Madison actor in 1970s 'The Odd Couple'
Host of 'Toast of the Town,' later eponymously named
Notable Person's Claim to FameE or J?
Singer of 'Thinking Out Loud' and 'Shape of You'
President of France, 1995-2007
Elected president of South Africa in 2009
Norwegian painter of 'The Scream'
'I Carry Your Heart with Me' poet
Impressionist painter of 'Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbe'
Euthanasia activist nicknamed 'Dr. Death'
Fatal shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald
Author of 'A Room with a View' and 'A Passage to India'
Biblical twin of Esau

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