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Can you use the clues to deduce either the six- or seven-letter word?

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Six-Letter Word DefinitionWordsSeven-Letter Word Definition
(A) + Sports awardWither away, as muscles
(B) + Tennis equipmentShelf support
(C) + Sent to the gallowsAltered
(D) + Split apartMeandered; moved aimlessly
(E) + United, as companiesBecame visible or known
(F) + Authentic; existingRelated to the truth; based in reality
(G) + Pay attentionShine and sparkle
(H) + Carrying limitNoxious; toxic
(I) + Pertaining to or affecting both earsNonsensical
(J) + Forcible removal from officePerformer at a Renaissance Faire, perhaps
(K) + Arabian and Silent, e.g.Chess pieces
(L) + Calling balls and strikesGrouping indiscriminately
(M) + Flammable gasFlammable gas
(N) + Heart chamberObsolete name for the element sodium
(O) + Mountain chainsCitrus fruits
(P) + Walk heavily'Mario Bros.' occupation
(R) + Heir's legacySay again
(S) + Roll around in the mudGulp down, or a bird
(T) + Rationale or motivationBenedict Arnold's crime
(U) + AcclaimElevate or lift
(V) + Bowling spotsLow points, topographically
(W) + Rulers have themHoisting devices
(Y) + Storefront canopyShowing fatigue, in a way
(Z) + Organic chemical compoundsPeeling gadgets for lemons and limes

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