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Can you pick which of the two cities is being described? Type A or B.

Quiz Updated Mar 22, 2016

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Which city...A or B
...features the Forbidden City?
(A) Beijing or (B) Shanghai France is closer to Paris?
(A) Lyon or (B) Dijon Thailand is located on the mainland?
(A) Phuket or (B) Bangkok the oldest capital city in the Americas?
(A) Mexico City or (B) Quito
...was formerly known as Edo?
(A) Kyoto or (B) Tokyo Brazil is home to the statue Cristo Redentor?
(A) São Paulo or (B) Rio de Janeiro
...contains the Spanish Steps?
(A) Rome or (B) Madrid Turkey is transcontinental?
(A) Istanbul or (B) Ankara home to the world's largest annual Oktoberfest?
(A) Munich or (B) Berlin
...of South Africa lies closer to the Cape of Good Hope?
(A) Johannesburg or (B) Cape Town the Netherlands is nicknamed ''The Venice of the North''?
(A) Rotterdam or (B) Amsterdam located on the Canadian Shield?
(A) Calgary or (B) Ottawa
Which city...A or B Russia is home to the Kremlin?
(A) Moscow or (B) St. Petersburg
...lies about 9 kilometers away from Mount Vesuvius?
(A) Naples or (B) Palermo Australia has the larger population?
(A) Melbourne or (B) Perth
...would be worth more points in Scrabble?
(A) Bishkek or (B) Dushanbe India is nicknamed the ''City of Joy''?
(A) Kolkata or (B) Jaipur
...was once the capital of Egypt?
(A) Aswan or (B) Alexandria
...of Morocco lies farther north?
(A) Casablanca or (B) Marrakesh
...lies on the Danube?
(A) Budapest, Hungary or (B) Bucharest, Romania
...of India was formerly known as Bombay until 1995?
(A) New Delhi or (B) Mumbai New Zealand has a higher population density?
(A) Christchurch or (B) Auckland
...belonged to Portugal before becoming autonomous?
(A) Hong Kong or (B) Macau Indonesia is located in the UTC +7:00 time zone?
(A) Denpasar, Bali or (B) Jakarta, Java

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