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Quiz Updated Oct 13, 2015

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Which word...A or B
...indicates a smaller amount that can be counted?
(A) Fewer or (B) Less
...describes a downward movement?
(A) Dissent or (B) Descent a preposition used with two persons or things?
(A) Between or (B) Among
...means 'awake'?
(A) Conscious or (B) Conscience
...accompanies thunder?
(A) Lightning or (B) Lightening
...should be used (with 'breath') to express suspense?
(A) Bated or (B) Baited
...indicates obtaining permission to do something?
(A) Can or (B) May
...means 'in that order'?
(A) Respectfully or (B) Respectively a piece of jewelry?
(A) Broach or (B) Brooch a collective term for writing materials?
(A) Stationery or (B) Stationary
...should be used to describe a measurable distance?
(A) Further or (B) Farther a contraction?
(A) It's or (B) Its
Which word...A or B
...should be used to say that a person is experiencing nausea?
(A) Nauseated or (B) Nauseous
...authorizes the use of medicine?
(A) Proscribe or (B) Prescribe
...means 'willing to please'?
(A) Complaisant or (B) Complacent a governing body?
(A) Council or (B) Counsel
...means 'to closely examine or study'?
(A) Pour over or (B) Pore over synonymous with 'earlier'?
(A) Formally or (B) Formerly the verb used when naming the country you moved FROM?
(A) Immigrate or (B) Emigrate
...indicates that something will occur soon?
(A) Eminent or (B) Imminent a transitive verb that is followed by an object?
(A) Lie or (B) Lay
...describes the dot above a lowercase i or j?
(A) Title or (B) Tittle
...means 'to continue'?
(A) Proceed or (B) Precede a verb?
(A) Envelop or (B) Envelope

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