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Can you pick which of the two months is being described? Type A or B.

Quiz Updated Aug 4, 2016

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Which month...A or B
...contains the Zodiac signs Aries and Taurus?
(A) April or (B) May
...of fasting in the Islamic calendar ends with Eid al-Fitr?
(A) Ramadan or (B) Rajab
...contains the middle (183rd day) of the Gregorian calendar?
(A) June or (B) July
...features Black Friday, coined by 1961 Philadelphia police?
(A) January or (B) November
...of the Jewish calendar contains Hanukkah?
(A) Kislev or (B) Tishrei
...of the Lunar Calendar starts with the Vietnamese holiday Tet?
(A) First or (B) Twelfth
...averaged more fresh snowfall in Anchorage, AK, 1981-2010?
(A) February or (B) December Black History Month in the US and Canada?
(A) February or (B) October
...besides November can contain Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights?
(A) October or (B) December derived from the name of a purification feast?
(A) February or (B) April
...contains International Talk Like a Pirate Day?
(A) March or (B) September
...receives the greatest average amount of daylight in Britain?
(A) July or (B) August
Which month...A or B
...marks the start of Atlantic hurricane season?
(A) May or (B) June
...contains the southern hemisphere's vernal equinox?
(A) March or (B) September the earliest possible month that can contain Easter?
(A) March or (B) April
...celebrates Ask a Stupid Question Day on the 28th?
(A) May or (B) September
...features the ruby as its birthstone?
(A) July or (B) November
...contains Pi Day?
(A) March or (B) June
...receives an extra day during a leap year?
(A) January or (B) February
...contains the northern hemisphere's winter solstice?
(A) January or (B) December
...was the first month of the Julian calendar?
(A) Ianuarius or (B) Intercalaris nagatsuki (''The Long Month'') in the old Japanese calendar?
(A) August or (B) September
...was named Sextilis on the ancient Roman calendar?
(A) July or (B) August
...features All Saints' Day on the 1st?
(A) October or (B) November

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