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Can you pick which of the two colors is being described? Type A or B.

Quiz Updated Aug 9, 2016

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Which color...A or B
...''collar'' has been used to describe manual or industrial jobs?
(A) White or (B) Blue
...is the highest-level belt in karate?
(A) Brown or (B) Black
...describes an album that sells 1 million units in the US?
(A) Platinum or (B) Gold
...is given by #FF0000 in hex triplet code?
(A) Blue or (B) Red
...has a longer wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum?
(A) Red or (B) Violet
...is a primary color in pigments and dyes?
(A) Mahogany or (B) Magenta
...includes a shade called chartreuse?
(A) Green or (B) Red
...is the letter ''L'' in the Google logo?
(A) Yellow or (B) Green
...describes Picasso's earlier period in his painting career?
(A) Rose or (B) Blue
...is complementary to yellow on the color wheel?
(A) Violet or (B) Orange
...is the Park Place/Park Lane space on the Monopoly board?
(A) Dark Blue or (B) Light Blue
...with Parrots, was a ''Legends of the Hidden Temple'' team?
(A) Pink or (B) Purple
Which color...A or B
...is represented on one of the five Olympic rings?
(A) Orange or (B) Green
...describes a 50th anniversary?
(A) Gold or (B) Silver
...of M&M's was discontinued for a decade starting in 1976?
(A) Red or (B) Tan
...contains a shade called gainsboro?
(A) Brown or (B) Gray
...is crystalline sulfur/sulphur?
(A) Yellow or (B) Red
...is Fenway Park's ''Monster'' left field wall?
(A) Green or (B) Red
...is given the title ''Mr.'' or ''Reverand'' in the board game Clue(do)?
(A) Green or (B) White
...helps to raise awareness for breast cancer?
(A) Pink or (B) Orange
...was part of the original Crayola crayon 8-pack in 1903?
(A) White or (B) Brown
...is indicative of Luigi in the Super Mario Bros. series?
(A) Green or (B) Red
...describes the Friday after Thanksgiving?
(A) Black or (B) Pink
...is worn on Wednesdays in ''Mean Girls''?
(A) Gold or (B) Pink

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