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QUIZ: Can you name the five-letter rungs in this mouth-themed word ladder?

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Clue5-Letter Rung
◙ Appetizing to the palate ◙
Far from tanned
Retirement celebration
_____ McFly of ''Back to the Future''
Like ale or lager
◙ What a tongue may sense potato chips to be ◙
Who Harry met
A kind of putty
Velvety smooth
◙ Pearly white, as teeth ◙
Does dairy work
Bradley and Hershey, to their friends
◙ What an M&M does in your mouth, not your hand ◙
Venison and veal, e.g.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Dry and crumbly
Mattress brand
◙ Chapped, like lips in need of lip balm ◙
Clue5-Letter Rung
One of the Spice Girls
McCarthy induced a ''Red'' one
Type of drum
◙ Nocturnal noise of the soft palate ◙
Grocery or department, e.g.
Baby-bearing bird, proverbially
Painting apron
◙ Onomatopoeia of the lips ◙
The B-52s were on their way to the ''Love'' one
Prepare oysters
_____ Norris of ''Walker, Texas Ranger''
Restaurant bill
◙ Humorous statement: Tongue in _____ ◙
Aviary sound
Wool source
Clean _____, an overwhelming victory
◙ What a tongue may sense chocolate to be ◙

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