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GEOGRAPHY: What river in northern China gets its yellow color in part from loess?
(A) Loess River (B) North China River (C) Yellow River
ENTERTAINMENT: Which Broadway musical that prequels ''The Wizard of Oz'' centers on Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West?
(A) Elphaba (B) Wicked (C) The Wiz
SCIENCE: What is Alexander Graham Bell credited with having invented?
(A) Graham Crackers (B) Taco Bell (C) Telephone
HISTORY: Whose John Hancock was the first to be signed on the Declaration of Independence?
(A) John Adams (B) John Hancock (C) Thomas Jefferson
LITERATURE: Which character never makes an appearance on stage in the play ''Waiting for Godot''?
(A) Godot (B) Lucky (C) Pozzo
SPORTS: Who is the boxing term ''Ali shuffle'' named after?
(A) Ali Baba (B) Laila Ali (C) Muhammad Ali
LANGUAGE: Häagen Dazs ice cream was named as such because it looked Danish. From what language does it come?
(A) Danish (B) It is made up (C) Swedish
JUST FOR FUN: What word is an anagram of the phrase ''NAG A RAM''?
(A) Anagram (B) MAR A GAN (C) Margarine
RELIGION: What immediately precedes the New Testament?
(A) Midlife Crisis Testament (B) Old Testament (C) Young Testament
MOVIES: What movie follows Sandy Patterson as he tries to retrieve his stolen identity?
(A) Identity Thief (B) The Bourne Identity (C) The Secret Identity
TELEVISION: Where is ''The King of Queens'' set?
(A) Kingsport, Tennessee (B) London, England (C) Queens, New York
MUSIC: What boy band frequently met in the Backstreet Market in Florida when they started practicing?
(A)'N Sync (B) Backstreet Boys (C) New Kids on the Block
GAMING: What kind of animal is Donkey Kong?
(A) Aardvark (B) Donkey (C) Gorilla
MISCELLANEOUS: What food is typically inserted into a toaster?
(A) Apples (B) Bread (C) Toast
HOLIDAY: On what date do Americans typically celebrate the Fourth of July?
(A) January 4th (B) July 4th (C) June 4th

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