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Can you name the five-letter rungs in this Double Dare slopstacle course word ladder challenge and take home the grand prize?

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ClueFive-Letter Rung
(Obstacle 1) _____ Alaska Pipeline: Maneuver your way through three fudgy pipelines, then grab the flag and hand it off.
Like some breath
Unable to eat another bite
Worked in a lumber mill
Stitched up
(Obstacle 2) _____ Chute: Work your way up the tube and into the cage. Pull on the rope to release the flag, then hand it off.
Farm worker
More tender and painful
Results of abrasion
Oil Spill Prevention and Response at Local Scales group
Secret agents
''Wheel of Fortune'' turns
Part of a book or body
Sty dwellers
(Obstacle 3) Tire _____: Without touching the ground, get from one stool to the other. Then grab the flag and pass it off.
Cast supporter
Static problem
Toast sound
(Obstacle 4) Double _____: Jump around on the keyboard to light the virtual flag. When it lights up, grab the real flag and pass it off.
Muscle spasm
Feat of magic
(Obstacle 5) Dump _____: Dig through the garbage until you find the flag, then hand it off.
White-flag indicator
Minute amount
Dinnertime recitation
Monopoly's Park, e.g.
(Obstacle 6) Blue _____ Special: Dig around in the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and find the flag. Then pass it off.
Bluish gray
''Same Time, Next Year'' playwright Bernard
(Obstacle 7) Sundae _____: Head up the ladder, across the ice cream and down the chute. Then grab the flag and hand it off.
Nickelodeon's green goo
Region's weather conditions
(Obstacle 8) Wall _____: Make your way up the face of the wall, back down the other side, and grab the final flag.

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