Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: 5-Figure Shopping Spree

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Can you name the five-letter rungs in this shopping-themed word ladder?

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Clue5-Letter Rung
$$ Price $$
Blood flow controller
Annual lake sediment deposit
Menu items may be a la _____
$$ Shoppers' aids $$
Pub projectiles
Takes the risk
Titled women
$$ Certain loose change $$
Flood blockers
Startled cry
Ox collars
Unsophisticated sort
Alpine call
$$ Catalog illustration $$
Traveler's lodging
$$ Purchase in the game of Monopoly $$
Supervise too closely
Romeo, to Juliet
Clue5-Letter Rung
Kidney's neighbor
Cruise ship
$$ Checkout annoyances $$
Computer connections
Hides in the shadows
Fishing gear
Siren, according to myth
With fewer flaws
Prepare baby food
Political housecleaning
Sudden voltage increase
Boot camp boss, for short
$$ Shirt size option $$
Key _____, Florida
North Dakota city
Do without
$$ Fake a signature on a check $$
Loud, musically
$$ Monetary equivalence $$

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