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Can you determine whether the item in Column (A) or Column (B) has the higher associated value for each pair of sports clues?

Quiz Updated Jun 12, 2017

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Column A (Type A if Higher)A or B?Column B (Type B if Higher)
Career home runs for Babe RuthCareer home runs for Lou Gehrig
Olympic Games held in FranceOlympic Games held in Canada
Pockets on a pool tableHoles on a golf course
Bowling pins in a full rackConsecutive strikes in a perfect game of bowling
Laps in the Daytona 500Lengths of an Olympic-sized pool to swim one mile
Andre Agassi's Grand Slam US Open Singles TitlesJohn McEnroe's Grand Slam US Open Singles Titles
PGA Masters won by Arnold PalmerPGA Masters won by Jack Nicklaus
Longest major league baseball game ever played (min.)Longest professional tennis match ever played (min.)
Runs for a baseball grand slamGoals for a soccer hat trick
Players on a water polo team in the pool at one timePlayers on a field lacrosse team on the field at one time
Length of field in soccer (m)Length of field in polo (m)
NBA teams Shaquille O'Neal has played forNBA teams Michael Jordan has played for
Appearances by Trinidad and Tobago in FIFA World CupAppearances by Northern Ireland in FIFA World Cup
Balls in an over in cricketInnings in a cricket match
Events in a triathlonEvents in a decathlon
Teams in the Eastern Conference in NHLTeams in the Western Conference in NHL
Fielding positions in baseballIce hockey players on the ice per team
Minutes played in professional soccer (no OT)Minutes played in professional football (no OT)
Teams in the NBATeams in the NFL
Dan levels in karateTypes of swords in fencing
Olympic gold medals won by Michael PhelpsOlympic gold medals won by Jesse Owens

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