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Can you name the 9-letter rungs in this drink-themed, split word ladder? See ''How to Play'' for more.

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How to Play
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Word #1WordsWord #2
• • • Carbonated soda containing a bark extract • • •• • • Carbonated soda containing a bark extract • • •
Maternity ward eventJury member
Docking spaceBartlett or Bosc
Not straightPrimitive weapon
British girl or womanPut into words
Toothpaste flavorDust particle
Ore sourcesGuitar accessory
First person possessiveMolasses-like
Pay attention toTreat's alternative, at Halloween
Looseleaf-paper holder''That's gross!''
OverindulgenceLamb serving
VocalistBlackjack card
• • • Canada Dry product • • •• • • Canada Dry product • • •
Cotton machinesWipe clean
Washer cycleNaval station
Frees ofLower in rank
Carnival attractionMake ashamed
Ocean motionsBig party
Car sparesChoir member
ExhaustedChurch service
BroadcastYoung lady
Prepared to fireTrash talk
Ready for battleFizzles out
Sea offshootThrows into confusion
Land measureProofreader's marks
Sneaker featurePotato buds
ThreesomeFormer spouses
Courtroom eventBusiness bigwig, for short
• • • Orange-flavored liqueur • • •• • • Orange-flavored liqueur • • •

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