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Can you name the alphabetically-listed words starting with EP- as suggested by the definitions?

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ClueEP- Word
A fencing sword with a bowl-shaped guard and rigid blade
Lasting a very short time
The point on earth's surface directly above an earthquake
A person who appreciates fine food and drink
Excessively prevalent or contagious
The outermost layer of skin
Flexible cartilage in the throat used in swallowing
A short and clever poem or saying
An engraved inscription
A nervous system disorder with unconsciousness and seizures
The final section after the main part of a book, play, composition
Of or relating to a bishop
A television show, radio show, etc., that is one part of a series
A theory of the nature and grounds of knowledge
Something written or said in memory of a dead person
A perfect example
A period of time that is very important in history
One for whom something is named
An adhesive, plastic, or paint made from synthetic resin
The fifth letter of the Greek alphabet

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