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Can you name the six-letter rungs in this word ladder?

Quiz Updated Apr 28, 2016

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Clue6-Letter Word
● U.S. landmark: _____ Gate Bridge ●
Catcher in the Rye character: _____ Caulfield
82nd Attorney General of the United States: Eric _____
Something to keep tabs on: Manila _____
Idiom: Absence makes the heart grow _____
DC Comics' Diana Prince: _____ Woman
Depart from the group: _____ off
Southpaw: Left-_____
Idiom: The bigger they are, the _____ they fall
Houston Rockets shooting guard: James _____
Frances Hodgson Burnett novel: The Secret _____
Barefoot Contessa chef: Ina _____
Clue6-Letter Word
Bridal wear: Wedding _____
System where goods/services are traded: _____ economy
Game show host: Bob _____
Followed a mistaken course: _____ up the wrong tree
Idiom: _____ into a corner
Court ruling against plaintiff: _____ standing
Bruno Mars song: _____ Out of Heaven
Emma Hart Willard poem: _____ in the Cradle of the Deep
Elton John song: _____ Man
Idiom: Out-of-_____ expense
Protesting need: _____ sign
● Board game: _____ to Ride ●

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