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Can you complete this 4-letter word ladder by inserting words into the blanks to form a before-and-after sequence? Terms may be compound words, idioms, or phrases.

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Clue4-Letter Rung
Macy _____ Wolf
Painting _____ Table
Mouse _____ Door
Power _____ Wire
Post-Nasal _____ Coffee
Tear _____ Cloth
Cash _____ Circle
Karate _____ Suey
Puppy _____ Mein
Fruit _____ Toy
Mon _____ Lloyd
Clue4-Letter Rung
Arctic _____ Broiled
Old _____ Stick
Poker _____ Board
Cruise _____ Wreck
Pink _____ Knot
Fatboy _____ Fit
Grand _____ Dunk
Razor _____ Bake
Henry _____ Pigeon
Role _____ Possum
Marshall ______ B

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