Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: 100 Words to Make you Hungry

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Can you name the 4-letter rungs in this completely food-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Rung
Like some boiled eggs
Rendered pig fat
_____ O'Lakes butter
Bunch of bananas
Cut of beef: _____ quarter
Watermelon discard
Fruit-flavored candy: _____ Pops
With the following rung, a Hostess Brands cake
With the previous rung, a Hostess Brands cake
Thoroughly cooked: Well _____
Big banana brand
Filet of _____
Frugal shoppers purchase groceries on _____
Pretzel or margarita garnish
Soda-fountain order
Loose ratio, in a recipe
After-dinner drink, fortified from Portugal
The other white meat
Bottle stopper
Apple throwaway
Ice cream holder
Sharpen, as a knife
Food Network show: Paula's _____ Cooking
Bowl-shaped plate cover
General Store: Five and _____
Pie fruit
''Just _____ Mom used to make''
Long-nosed, freshwater swimmer
Pesto nut
Salmon color
Used to remove food from between teeth: Tooth_____
Chicken soup may be eaten when feeling ____
Soy-based dairy product brand
Partner of cereal or cookies
Pepper dispenser
''Have food, _____ travel''
Like some caught seafood
Not too spicy
Gelatin shaper
Mexican sauce with chocolate and peppers
Center of a doughnut
Fixed menu: Table d'_____
Cinnamon candies: Red _____
Turns into compost
Caviar sources
Messy sandwiches: Sloppy _____
Busboy, server, and executive chef, e.g.
Corn holders
Whiting and haddock, e.g.
Clue4-Letter Rung
Pea holders
Soup vessels
Butter servings
Sautéing equipment
Beer holders
Sugar source
Bundt, e.g.
Sit in the oven
Food Network show: _____foot Contessa
Cinnamon source
Meat selection: Baby _____ ribs
Crunchy salad bit
Mexican fare
Poi root
Fruity pastry
Grocery shopper's aid
Pasta or potato, for short
''_____ your appetite''
Put in the smokehouse
Cheese chunk
Penne, e.g.
Oleo purchases
Beer barrels
Sardine containers
Fork feature
Like some wine
Spanish dry sherry
Chianti, in Chianti
Tomatoes on the _____
Eat in style
Recipe direction
Pilaf ingredient
Food Network show: The Great Food Truck _____
Salsa company
Unit of six, for beer
Eight quarts
Barbecue site
À l'orange protein
Cantaloupe is a type of _____ melon
Corn covering
Fried cornbread balls: _____ puppies
Leftover breakfast concoction
Small recipe amount
Menu item
Bouillabaisse base
Food portions: Palm, cupped hand, _____, thumb
Food from Burger King, e.g.
Kebabs are typical of cuisine from the Middle _____
Like some ''over'' eggs

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