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QUIZ: Can you name the season that occurs in each location for the given month?

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Austin, Texas, USA in August(S)ummer or (W)inter
Moscow, Russia in February(S)ummer or (W)inter
Johannesburg, South Africa in December(S)ummer or (W)inter
Buenos Aires, Argentina in January(S)ummer or (W)inter
Paris, France in July(S)ummer or (W)inter
Tokyo, Japan in December(S)ummer or (W)inter
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada in September(S)ummer or (W)inter
Auckland, New Zealand in August(S)ummer or (W)inter
Montpelier, Vermont, USA in October(A)utumn or (S)pring
Cairo, Egypt in May(A)utumn or (S)pring
Melbourne, New South Wales, Australia in November(A)utumn or (S)pring
Beijing, China in October(A)utumn or (S)pring
Nicosia, Cyprus in April(A)utumn or (S)pring
Nairobi, Kenya in May(D)ry Season or (W)et Season
San José, Costa Rica in July(D)ry Season or (W)et Season
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia in August(D)ry Season or (W)et Season
Manila, Philippines in July(D)ry Season or (W)et Season
Bamako, Mali in September(D)ry Season or (W)et Season
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia in June(D)ry Season or (W)et Season
Phnom Penh, Cambodia in August(D)ry Season or (W)et Season

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