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Can you determine whether the item in Column (A) or Column (B) has the higher associated value for each pair of language clues?

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Column A (Type A if Higher)A or B?Column B (Type B if Higher)
'A' tiles in Scrabble'E' tiles in Scrabble
Letters in the Hawaiian alphabetLetters in the English alphabet
Types of accent marks for French vowelsTypes of accent marks for French consonants
Different letters used in a pangramSyllables in pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
Roman numeral 'C' valueRoman numeral 'D' value
UN official languagesLanguages that the Pope tweets in
Number of countries that use French as an official languageNumber of countries that use Arabic as an official language
Letters of the Russian alphabetLetters of the Arabic alphabet
Words that end in '-dous'Words that end in '-mt'
Ages of the Classical Latin periodDialects of Greek literature
Letters in the longest word with only one vowel used onceLetters in the shortest word with all six vowels alphabetically
Parts of speech in EnglishDistinct systems of writing in Japanese
Definitions of the word 'run' (Oxford-English dictionary)Definitions of the word 'set' (Oxford-English dictionary)
6-letter anagrams made from the letters ACERST6-letter anagrams made from the letters EFORST
Homophones for 'write'Homophones for 'seize'
Official languages of the UKOfficial languages of the US
Scrabble-legal 5-letter palindromesScrabble-legal 3-letter palindromes
Scrabble-legal words not containing A, E, I, O, U, or YScrabble-legal words that have Q not immediately followed by U
One syllable words that rhyme with 'cat' according to Merriam-WebsterOne syllable words that rhyme with 'dog' according to Merriam-Webster
Letters in the word, 'Spain' in SpanishLetters in the word, 'Germany' in German

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