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Did each pair of events occur within 100 years of each other? Type 'Y' for yes or 'N' for no.

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Event 1(Y)es or (N)o?Event 2
Beginning of the Qing Dynasty's reign of ChinaEnd of the Qing Dynasty's reign of China
'The Wizard of Oz' movie debuts in theaters'Wicked' debuts on Broadway
Benedict XV elected as PopeBenedict XVI elected as Pope
Henry VIII crownedNapoleon Bonaparte crowned
End of the American Revolutionary WarBeginning of the US Civil War
Johannes Sebastian Bach is bornWolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born
Leonardo da Vinci is bornLeonardo DiCaprio is born
Jenner tests smallpox vaccineSalk announces polio vaccine
'The Canterbury Tales' by Chaucer originally printed'Romeo and Juliet' by Shakespeare originally printed
First modern Olympic gamesFirst FIFA World Cup championship
Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephoneSliced bread machine is patented
Mayflower lands at Plymouth RockSalem Witch Trials begin
Michelangelo finishes sculpting the Statue of DavidVan Gogh paints 'The Starry Night'
King Tut ends his reign of EgyptCleopatra begins her reign of Egypt
Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species' originally publishedWatson and Crick discover the chemical structure of DNA
Aztec capital falls to Hernán CortésLast Inca Emperor executed by Francisco Pizarro
Marco Polo first travels the Silk RoadChristopher Columbus sets sail on his first voyage
Wright Brothers fly at Kitty HawkFirst astronaut lands on the moon
Beginning of the Hundred Years' WarEnd of the Hundred Years' War
Dissolution of USSRDissolution of Czechoslovakia

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