Holiday Quiz / Word Ladder: Turkey Day

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Can you name the 6-letter rungs in this holiday-themed word ladder?

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Clue6-Letter Rung
November holiday in the US: _____ [Last Rung]
Cuts of beef or veal
Dilapidated dwellings
Leaves speechless
Market investments
Baby-bringing birds, symbolically
Mall units
Kept in reserve
Looked at fixedly
Flew high
Clobbered or whacked
Used a straw
Emulated a bronco
Shared sleeping accommodations
Closed with a cork or stopper
Jumper's cable
Totally mess up
Tropical forest
Clue6-Letter Rung
Advertisement's music
Feel pins and needles
Little bell sound
Something to do with one's fancy
Fishing gear
Long, slender feather
Torment a stand-up comedian
Irregular or untrimmed paper's edge
One-tenth of a distribution, in statistics
Corrupt or contaminate
Give the meaning of
Kvetch and complain
Pillage and plunder
Steep-sided valley or gorge
Praising enthusiastically
Washing; bathing
November holiday in the US: _____ [Last Rung]

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