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Can you name either word in these anagram pairs that have only their first and second letters switched?

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Word #1AnagramsWord #2
Having the freedom and opportunity to do somethingA large bundle of goods, especially hay
A unit of area measuring 4,840 square yardsEffort made to do something correctly, safely, or without damage
An engagement or performanceA positively charged ion
To change a piece of clothing to make it fit betterAt a time in the future
The height of something above sea levelDistance north or south of the equator
In the middle of somethingAn unmarried girl or woman
More than enoughA deciduous hardwood tree
Moving in a curving pathTaking part in a contest of speed
To get up from sleep or after lying downTo lift or move something to a higher position
To take or keep in custody by authority of the lawMost seldomly occurring
A rooflike cover extending over a door to act as a shelterAppearing to become thinner or less full
Not working or happening in the expected wayNot having or showing complete trust
To treat someone like a god or goddessTo instruct in moral or religious knowledge
A situation in which each side has a score of 40 in tennisTo bring out
Stops livingThe 15th day of March, May, July or October
Energy and enthusiasmTo incline, deviate, or bend from a vertical position
To produce a design in metal or glass with acidA kind of support
At all timesTo change direction or course
Morally badA piece of cloth worn over the head and face
To pierce or wound with something pointedShrek, for one
Not wisely or wellA plant with large, colorful, bell-shaped flowers
Of or relating to the moonPertaining to a forearm bone
Kind of energy, family, or powerNot properly explained
A choice or possibility among two or more thingsA drink that is meant to have special or magical powers
Of or relating to the sense of smellOf or relating to the wall of the body
Roman poet who lived during the reign of AugustusNot containing anything
An object in space made of burning gasRussian ruler
Taking legal proceedings to courtPutting to work

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