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Can you name the words in this 'deconstructed' word ladder?

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Word Ladder 1 (7 Letters)
Another term for a rubber band 
Able to deform without breaking 
Word Ladder 2 (7 Letters)
Common or plain 
Coming from heredity 
Word Ladder 3 (7 Letters)
Connected, linked, or akin 
Laid-back; tranquil 
Word Ladder 4 (7 Letters)
Automotive transportation 
A cellular sac 
Word Ladder 5 (8 Letters)
A reference 
A false or misleading impression of reality 
Word Ladder 6 (8 Letters)
Fault-finding; difficult to please 
Careful and tentative 
Word Ladder 7 (8 Letters)
4/4, for example 
Force resisting motion of objects in contact 
Word Ladder 8 (9 Letters)
Wine that has brandy added to it 
Humiliated; embarrassed 'to death' 
Word Ladder 9 (9 Letters)
Clever or brilliant 
Frank, candid, or naive 
Word Ladder 10 (9 Letters)
Female head of household 
Male head of household 
Word Ladder 11 (10 Letters)
Favorable or promising 
Untrusting or wary; fishy 
Word Ladder 12 (10 Letters)
Type of stand that lines sports stadiums 
Injury sustained to the brain or spinal cord 
Word Ladder 13 (10 Letters)
To commit a crime 
To sustain or continue 
Word Ladder 14 (10 Letters)
What a president running for a second term seeks 
Song from the movie 'Mulan' 
Word Ladder 15 (10 Letters)
Monetary compensation, esp. after war 
Detachment or segregation 
Word Ladder 16 (10 Letters)
An amendment or answer 
An uprising or rebellion 
Word Ladder 17 (11 Letters)
A verbal fight 
Successive change from one condition to another and back again repeatedly 
Word Ladder 18 (11 Letters)
It's or They're, for example 
A gadget or gizmo 

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