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ClueC-A-N Response
Country consisting of ten provinces and three territories
Spanish archipelago off of mainland Africa
Capital of Australia
Horoscopic crab
Hidden camera show: _____ Camera
In the 'Rub-a-Dub-Dub' nursery rhyme, he is mentioned alongside the butcher and the baker
A particular tooth, often termed 'cuspid,' 'dogtooth,' or 'fang'
The act of eating others humans or their organs/flesh
A diving technique, whose objective is to splash or displace as much water as possible
A lightweight, narrow boat that is pointed at both ends
An orange muskmelon/rockmelon
Collection of stories by Geoffrey Chaucer: The _____ Tales
Water container, especially used by hikers and soldiers
Chinese dialect spoken in Guangzhou
Medium for oil painting, or a material for making handbags
A 'Grand' one can be found in Arizona

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